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About NLP

NLP is a learning of living a happy and purposeful life

We all are programmed to think in certain way, we run our lives with certain belief and values and all of that is programming of our mind however that may not be resourceful or effective. Such mindsets are the result of your past experiences and culture. You may be frustrated of not being able to attain your goals, living a life with stress, depression, anxiety, may be living with heavy debts, or dysfunctional relationships at home or at work and so on. The amazing thing is that we can change all of such behaviors and beliefs through NLP.

Post attending sessions, this is what participants say about NLP–

“NLP helps understanding of self and other at a deeper level”

 “It helps in discovering self and living a life to the fullest”

“NLP is a way to transform our lives”

“It has made building stronger relationships very easy”

“NLP is a way to connect with inner world or subconscious mind and program it to get the results we want”

Lets understand the word - NLP

Neuro refers to our way of thinking, or various (conscious and unconscious) ways of processing information coming from the outside world. We experience the world we live in in a way that is unique to us and subjective. NLP deals with these subjective experiences. Million people – million different experiences. Is it a nice day or bad day predominantly depends on how we feel that day or what is our subjective experience of it. Often, if we think about the good things that will happen we can experience even the darkest autumn day as beautiful, and vice versa. The challenge lies in the fact that we often feel our subjective experience is not under our control. That it somehow comes and goes by itself. Among other things, NLP deals with the influence on the creation of useful subjective experience in this situation.


Linguistic refers to the words. People describe (subjective) experiences through words. In addition to describing experiences, words are also means of perception. When we say that a shirt is dark blue color, we can imagine the color of the shirt pretty clearly. NLP explains how words can impact our way of thinking, mood change and behavior.


Programming refers to our habits. People are creatures of habit. Sometimes, these habits are useful and desirable, but sometimes they are completely undesirable. NLP uses simple, but very effective, methods of changing our way of thinking so it’s consistent with our values and goals and results in desired changes in behavior.


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