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Organizational Culture Consulting
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Action-oriented, Integrative Training for Organizations and Professional Coaches to Generate Purposeful & Meaningful Change

Committed to transforming organizations and creating growth champions, my mission is to create a unique architecture in the workplace and your life which inspires and ignites limitless possibilities! Employing an action-oriented, integrative approach to organizations and professional coaching dedicated to transforming challenges and breaking barriers to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business and personal life.

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The elusive magic that transforms a great workplace bringing together talent and strategy doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. We work inside out addressing the unique needs of your company impacting the individuals, culture, clients, and bottom-line results.

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ICF-accredited coach training programs shaped efficiently to make you successful in your life while you help make the lives of others better. Apply your learning as a coaching practitioner and create new possibilities as a manager or corporate leader, or in conversation.

Retreat Programs to help you Put Your Best Self Forward

Find your life purpose, improve your relationships, find and your perfect career and enhance your health through Dr. Haris Syed’s exclusive mindfulness program and personal coaching to empower you to become the best version of yourself.

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About Dr. Haris Syed

(Master Coach, Mentor & Facilitator)

Internationally Recognized Executive & Team Coach l ICF Master Certified Coach l Master Trainer & Mentor I NLP Trainer

Haris is an author, a master trainer and a performance coach. Transforming over 100,000 people in over 9 countries, he has coached numerous high-level executives and has served as an advisor to CEOs, businessmen, students, industrialists and over 50 corporates including global Fortune 500 companies.

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Success Stories

Haris you have been an excellent master coach

Dr. Bhakti More
Dr. Haris is truly amazing- his state of being, zero judgement of others, deep understanding of human nature, passion – absolutely priceless!

Coach Haris has created a curriculum that is different, engaging and informative. The course combined with a lot of activities engage us and create a feeling of togetherness while providing opportunity to do real coaching sessions as part of the program.

Rohin Nambiar
All the practical exercises done by us was also very interesting and a learning process for me. We generally don’t look at things in all preceptive. This helped me to learn a lot, and with learning comes more confidence & growth.


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