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Workplace culture is the key to attracting top talent, amplifying productivity, and transforming into a high performing organization. Tailored programs that achieve breakthrough improvement in leadership effectiveness and employee productivity while boosting organizational performance.

The idea behind culture consulting is to inspire real and lasting corporate culture changes by imparting values and behaviors which create organizations where people reach their full potential and feel valued.

In a nutshell, we make sure you create a diverse, inclusive, and healthy environment where company success is paramount – thus focusing on two key areas: humans and business.


  • Organization culture transformation
  • Retain talent
  • Engaged and inspired employees
  • Lead by example

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    Dr. Haris Syed

    Master Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

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    Haris you have been an excellent master coach

    Dr. Bhakti More
    Dr. Haris is truly amazing- his state of being, zero judgement of others, deep understanding of human nature, passion – absolutely priceless!

    Coach Haris has created a curriculum that is different, engaging and informative. The course combined with a lot of activities engage us and create a feeling of togetherness while providing opportunity to do real coaching sessions as part of the program.

    Rohin Nambiar
    All the practical exercises done by us was also very interesting and a learning process for me. We generally don’t look at things in all preceptive. This helped me to learn a lot, and with learning comes more confidence & growth.


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