Coaching Skills Foundation Course


If you are new to coaching and still wondering is coaching for you, this is the right course you must enroll in.

In this course, you will learn the core coaching competencies taught to professional certified coaches throughout the world. Coaching demonstrations, case studies, and engaging exercises will ensure participants embed the concepts they are learning.

All classes are led by ICF Certified Coaches, who have extensive coaching experience and coaching education experience. Participants will leave the program with a deep understanding of effective and powerful coaching as well as reviewed feedback by a professional coach on their actual coaching and comprehension of the competencies.

This course is for corporate supervisors, managers, senior customer service, and sales staff.

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Course Content – Coaching Skills Foundation Course

  • Coaching overview
  • Establishing trust when coaching
  • Having full a presence in a coaching dialog
  • Focused listening skills
  • Evocative questioning
  • Direct and effective communication
  • Creating awareness
  • Designing actions
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Managing progress and accountability
  • Coaching Skills Practicum

Outcomes and Benefits – Coaching Skills Foundation Course

While this course prepares corporate supervisors and managers with the core skills of coaching, participants will have a deeper understanding of the coaching. A few immediate benefits that you will explore are:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to coach
  • Discern the essence of a coaching conversation to get to the core of things
  • Receive techniques and tips to increase the efficacy of your coaching
  • Have an experimental playground to try and test new coaching skills and techniques
  • Experience the power of asking versus telling.

Course Duration and Fees – Coaching Skills Foundation Course

This is an ICF-accredited 2-day course of 20 hours duration.

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