Coaching for Managers

Introduction – Coaching For Managers

This is a specialization course for corporate and business managers, you will learn the essential skills to coach people for improved performance. You will learn how to create best performing teams and transform your teams through coaching. We will share best practices, research, tools and models for effective coaching. You will learn how effective managers use coaching to establish clear expectations and accountability, how to assess performance, and how to conduct coaching conversations that build awareness and get results. Throughout the courses, you will apply insights about management and coaching to develop your own coaching practice and tools.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of why coaching has become an essential skill for managers, and learn to differentiate between coaching, managing, mentoring, leading and training so that you know when each role will be most effective. You will be able to describe your current point of view as a manager, and evaluate when to adjust your thinking in order to be more effective in managing and leading in a rapidly evolving workplace.

Why Managers Must Develop Basic Coaching Skills

This module covers the many influences on the manager role and how managing and coaching should work together. We’ll also discuss why managers are necessary to organizations, and why so many managers don’t coach. This course features a great understating on the importance of managers to coach and drive the performance required in the organization.

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Course Content – Coaching For Managers

  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing Trust & Intimacy
  • Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions, Planning and Goal Setting and Managing Progress and Accountability

Outcomes and Benefits – Coaching For Managers

Benefits of Participating

Learners will…

  • Gain confidence in their ability to coach
  • Hear a variety of styles and methods by hearing others coach
  • Get immediate feedback on their coaching and use of the core coaching skills by an ICF Certified Coach
  • Be challenged to coach at a whole new and higher level in a fun and supportive way
  • Receive coaching tips, techniques and demonstrations from an ICF Certified Coach

If you want to dramatically improve your coaching abilities, this class is just right for you.

Course Duration and Fees – Coaching For Managers

This is a three-day course and covered in 24 hours.

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