About Haris Syed

Hi, I am Haris Syed and I welcome you to my website. I am an NLP master trainer, a performance coach and a facilitator. My mission is to help people find out their real purpose of life and help them to create solutions for accelerating result for their personal and professional life.

I am passionate about working with people who want to bring change and live a life that they always dreamt of. For almost 15 years, I have helped over 100,000 people in over 9 countries create personal & professional transformation. I support this by providing tools and strategies that you need to have to accomplish your goals.

I run public NLP Training and retreats at various beautiful and also conduct in house corporate programs for individuals, teams and organization. I have worked with an extensive range of people including CEOs, businessmen, students, and industrialists, spoken to over 50 corporations, including global Fortune 500 companies, and I guarantee that my speech result in producing immensely increased performance.

Dr. Haris Syed

Master Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

Success Stories

Haris you have been an excellent master coach

Dr. Bhakti More
Dr. Haris is truly amazing- his state of being, zero judgement of others, deep understanding of human nature, passion – absolutely priceless!

Coach Haris has created a curriculum that is different, engaging and informative. The course combined with a lot of activities engage us and create a feeling of togetherness while providing opportunity to do real coaching sessions as part of the program.

Rohin Nambiar
All the practical exercises done by us was also very interesting and a learning process for me. We generally don’t look at things in all preceptive. This helped me to learn a lot, and with learning comes more confidence & growth.


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